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photos by Makara

Click on one of the icons below that interests you and it will take you to MAKARA PHOTOS* where you will see only original designed products unlike those in local or chain stores.You'll never be embarrassed again by other cards or gifts being just like the one you gave. You’ll notice many Makara Cards have subtle background scenery and other enhancements. Feel free to change words on most of my items with my ez templates to personalize as you wish. While on my site, click open several MakaraPhotos* cards and I know you’ll see why people feel special when given a  MakaraPhotos* card.

All my items are  my original designs printed by the company on exceptional quality stock and sent directly to you. Items include---business cards, greeting cards for all occasions, postage stamps, envelopes, stationery, invitations for all occasions, postcards, stickers, magnets, pins, bumper stickers, t-shirts for the whole family & pets too, neckties,  aprons, Ked canvas shoes, canvas bags, mousepads, mugs, and more.  Great for your personal use, gifts, advertising or for clubs and organizations. No minimums and discounts given when multiple items are ordered. SPECIAL REQUESTS ARE WELCOME.
Using my graphic site is easy.  It's divided into THEME AREAS; containing cards and gifts that match or coordinate for an array of occasions [that you can choose by changing the words] .  While on my home page, you can use by search box located near the top of my right sidebar by typing in any keyword or subject to find a particular interest quickly.
Be sure to stop in for a visit frequently as I add items weekly. Join my fan club and receive notice of new items as I post them.  I hope you enjoy your visit to MAKARAPHOTOS* and may the Good Lord Bless You Abundantly.

These unique white Hollyhocks were from my Aunt Darl that passed away a few
years ago. They not only add variety to my flower beds, but remind me of her.
Plants available in season.

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