Makara Emu Oil
100% Natural
No Fillers

Makara Vista Ranch is located in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks and distributes some of the highest quality emu oil available. We raise our birds without use of antibiotics, stimulants, or any chemicals; in fact we formulate their feed rather than use commercial ration to avoid any unwanted additives and to assure a superior quality ration to our birds and a superior product for our valued customers. Much of the emu oil on the market today has additives and ingredients which are not necessary for the quality of the product; rather to enhance look, feel, or fragrance appeal to people that have become accustomed to common ordinary synthetic and chemically based products. Makara Vista emu oil gives people a choice for more truly natural based products. Our emu oil formula ingredients contain our superior quality emu oil, Vitamin E, aloe vera, and selected essential oil blends, -- and that's all.

About Emus
Emus date back to the dinosaur age and many believe they are a close relative of dinosaurs. Late fall begins their breeding season and you can hear the continual "grunting" sounds of the males and the "drumming" sounds made by the females. Our emu females lay large beautiful dark teal colored eggs; usually 20 or more their first laying season and some hens at maturity have laid as many as 70 eggs. Proper care and feeding is necessary for a high percentage of healthy hatched chicks. Incubation takes approximately 52 days. Baby EmuNearly all of nature's babies are cute; but little striped emu chicks are also one of natures funniest comedians. They chase each other, jump into the air doing silly acrobatics, fall to the ground, roll over kicking their feet in the air, jump up and start all over again. Emu like people pass similarity of appearance to their descendants; mainly their beak shapes and their "hair styles" - - the appearance and direction of feathers on their heads creates various "hairstyles" and resemble their specific parents. And yes, their curiosity is just as big as the bird. They really check me over to see if I remembered to take all my jewelry off before coming in the pens and will poke their head through the fence to try to get visitors jewelry if in reach.
Emu oil was used by the ancient Aborigines for many of the same reasons modern man choose to use it today. Increasing popularity of it's use in the United States is not only based on research results and publications along with testimonials, some by well known people; but also in part the "natural-back to basics-less chemicals" movement. Even the NBA and NFL found it useful for sports related problems. Some of it's most appreciated attributes include being analgesic, bacteriostatic (does not promote bacterial growth) and antimicrobial properties, anti-inflammatory properties, deeply penetrating, non-irritating, moisturizing, and it is non-comedogenic (does not clog skin pores) It is one of the most penetrating natural oils known to man and can penetrate deeply into the skin layers making it an excellent carrying agent. For this reason, you should choose wisely the emu oil you use, how you use it, and what you use with it. Using Makara Vista Emu Oil is the perfect choice for those that wish to avoid questionable ingredients and be assured of a high quality natural product.

Why Use Makara Vista Emu Oil
A few important reasons include
1. To soothe & relieve aches, pain, & inflammation
2. As one of the very best natural moisturizers even for the most sensitive skin
3. A fast, easy and natural way to nourish your skin with beneficial nutrients. These qualities are able to cover a vast array of personal and health concerns; which make it an ideal product to meet the needs of multitudes of different people-all with different concerns.
4. It has no offensive odor- just a slight natural fragrance of the selected essential oils- no need for synthetic "cover-up fragrances" because of the extra care and attention used during processing of the oil.
5. Of course, a very important reason to use Makara Vista Emu Oil is it's superior quality and "lack" of unnatural additives unlike many of the oils currently being offered.

About Emu Oil
Benefits from emu oil basically come from it's essential fatty acids (EFA's) which are involved in producing energy from our food for our bodies to use and move throughout our various body systems. It is rich in essential fatty acids (EFA's) that the body can use when absorbed to manufacture hormones that regulate many body processes - giving the body nutrients/fuel to enable the body to "heal itself". Most people think of sex hormones, but remember the body makes countless hormones to trigger actions and reactions in the body for proper functioning. Some of EFAs duties are important for oxygen transfer, hemoglobin production, and control of nutrients into and out of our cell membranes - explains probable reason it works so well for bruises and many other healing duties of the body.

Soothing and relieving aches, pains and inflammation is one of the most common uses of emu oil. Sports injuries as well as everyday injuries such as muscle strains, sprains, and injured ligaments respond well with use of emu oil. Many professional sports teams now use emu oil for massages in their training rooms. Regular use acts much like an analgesic and without any of the side effects of common painkillers. Using emu oil to relieve pain may vary; sometimes gently massaging it on a painful area 3 or 4 times a day for a few days may be necessary; however, many times pain will subside with only one usage or using it once a day may keep aches and pains away. There is nothing synthetic about Makara Emu Oil like the over the counter pain pills and other manufactured pain killers, nor does it contain any of the chemical additives in so many other emu oils on the market; therefore, obviously no danger of addiction if long term use is needed. Nourishing and moisturizing the skin is another common use of emu oil. It supplies the nutrition needed by our skin with the two essential fatty acids needed by every cell in our body. It's mixture of fats have a unique ratio of linolenic acid and oleic acid with a fat profile that is nearly identical to the human body . Emu oil is phospho-lipid deficient similar to human skin which explains why our skin will allow it to penetrate so well unlike most phosphorous containing cosmetics compounds. By using emu oil topically as a moisturizer and tissue nutrient, it helps aging skin to reverse dryness and scaling by enhancing the ability of the upper skin layers to retain vital water. Approximately 20% lost of dermal thickness has been found in elderly people causing loss of elastin fibers resulting in loss of resiliency and elasticity. Increasing thickness of the dermis (where unseen wrinkles start) is accomplished by emu oil penetrating into the epidermis and stimulating the epidermal growth. You don't have to be elderly to have deficient skin conditions with resulting problems. Therefore, you may choose to use Makara Emu Oil in your daily skin care program. I DO NOT recommend using it immediately prior to applying make-up or over make up; nor do I advocate using it in shampoos or conditioners unless they do not contain any unwanted harmful chemicals. Emu oil's tremendous penetration is a great benefit as long as you are aware of what you let it carry with it. I frequently use herbs or essential oils with my emu oil knowing it will be of great assistance and enhance their availability.

Uses for Emu Oil  is endless. I hear and read new uses from satisfied people daily that believe emu oil enriches and blesses their quality of life.

If you have some of these problems, you may want to try Makara Emu Oil for relief of:
Aches & pains
Acne  -bacteriostatic action
Age spots - lessen appearance
Athlete's foot
Back pain
Bed Sores
Burns (1st & 2nd degree)
Canker sores
Carpal tunnel syndrome pain
Chapped lips & hands
Conditioning hair
Cracked heels, tops of toes & knuckles
Cuts (aids healing & new cell growth)
Diabetic bruising & neuropathy
Diaper rash
Dry skin (elbows & knees)
Fibromyalgia (pain & stiffness)
Cuticles (dry, splitting)
Growing pains
Hands that must be washed repeatedly daily like (health care practitioners,     housewives, gardeners,mechanics, construction workers)
Stimulate hair growth - nourishes and     cleanses follicles of debris
Hemorrhoids - soothing/healing
Insect bites (itch & inflammation)
Irritated or itching skin
Moisturizes skin ("non- comedogenic"- does not clog skin pores)
Increases mobility
Muscle cramps
Muscle tension and soreness
Burning nerve pain
Radiation burns - soothes,
Rashes (like childhood diseases, poison ivy etc)
Shaving (razor burn & nicks)
Rosacea - calms flare-ups
Scars (helps prevent, minimizes or diminishes)
Sciatica - relieves pain
Shingles - pain relief
Shoulder pain
Skin grafts (aids healing, minimizes scarring and infection)
Sore  -tired - overworked muscles
Sports injuries (shortens recuperation time)
Stretch marks (helps prevent -*** emu oil - with no essentials)
Sunburn - soothing-may prevent blistering
Post surgery recuperation (helps prevent scarring)
Thin-aging skin
Varicose veins
Windburn - (rehydrates and moisturizes damaged skin)
Wrinkles (nourishes and regenerates skin)

Great for animals too
Cracked paw pads
Dry skin problems
Joint problems
Pulled tendons
Hot spots - calms
Flea bites - reduces irritation
Proud flesh

Wounds - promotes faster healing
Sores & wounds - promotes healing
Conditions hair (by using on their food or massaging slight amount to their hair)

Pets love it on their foods-use Makara Double E oil with no essential oils added for much needed essential fatty acids.

Why people like Makara Emu Oil

Below is a small portion of testimonials we have received from people that are thankful for the benefits they received from using Makara Emu Oil. We appreciate testimonials; so please email us your success stories.

Aches and Pains
Believe, I'm a 59 year old male with an injury 36 years ago that left me paralyzed from the waist down. Over the years one develops lots of aches and pains, arthritis, strained and worn out joints. I've used and tried many remedies and pain meds to get some comfort. Of all the over the counter meds or salves none seem to do any real good. I recently tried Makara Emu Oil, the results were amazing. I rubbed it on my shoulders first, I began to feel a soothing warmth then after a few minutes the pain began to ease. The first treatment didn't get rid of all the pain but the more I used it more of the pain disappeared. After the first week my shoulder pain was gone. Now, with most any pain I have, wrist, elbows, sore muscles, I use the Makara Emu Oil and live a more comfortable life. The fragrance is also pleasant to me. If you want to live with less pain and enjoy life again use this product. Russ H. - Kansas

Broken Arms
My mom has received her emu oil. She said that the first night she used it she was able to sleep better than any time since she broke her arms last September. She said she don't know how it works but really don't care, just cares that it "does" work. She broke both arms about an inch or two below her shoulder joints when she fell. Thank you! Jolana C. - Texas

Painful Feet and Ankles
I am a busy mother of four small children and have a lot of pain in my feet and ankles; it seems to be worst each morning as I first get out of bed to start my day. I received some Makara emu oil as a gift and started massaging my feet and ankles each night just before going to bed. After doing this for several nights, I was so happy to wake up with no pain in my feet and ankles. I continue to use it for the pain, but also love the way it moisturizes my skin. Diana H. - Kansas

Thumb Joints
One of my thumb joints at times is quite painful and I discovered that your emu oil really takes away the pain. I get busy and forget to use it everyday, but soon remember the emu oil again when my thumb starts hurting again. It works great when I have back problems too. Duain L. - Kansas

80 year old Diabetic
I have a lot of problems with my legs and ankles. My legs looked bluish almost up to my knees and I had sores on my legs and ankles. Your emu oil worked great on the sores on my legs and ankles and I hardly ever have sores anymore. I've used your oil for some time now, and the bluish color on my legs is hardly there and just a little above my ankles now. I use your oil morning and night. It really helps the pain and stiffness in my neck. My neck used to be so stiff that I could hardly turn my head and now I can turn sideways pretty good. I also take some to the nursing home for my wife to use. The worst problem there is that other people must like it too, because they steal it and it's hard for me to keep it there for her to use. Noah H. -Missouri

Complexion Problems
I've had a lot of problems with my complexion and tried everything I could get my hands on for over 30 years and am so happy I finally found something that really works for me- and it's natural too. People don't believe that I'm 61-they think I'm maybe 45 cause my complexion is so good now and I don't have any wrinkles. I own Sandy's Herb Shop in Butler, Missouri and decided after using your oil that I wanted to offer it to everyone that came into my herb shop because I know it's so good and can help so many people. My customers are always telling me good things about your oil and it has been a good repeat sales item for me. I'm sure glad you encouraged me to try it. Sandy F. -Missouri

Painful Shoulder Joints
My husband is an 80 year old farmer and spent 6 weeks in the hospital recuperating from surgery. He's been having a lot of shoulder pain recently and I suspect it's from driving his tractor again after being inactive for so long. I started using Makara emu oil on his shoulders and it has really helped his pain. Edith L. - Kansas

Weed Eater Cut
I accidentally cut my leg real bad with my weed eater and remembered someone telling me about your emu oil. I went to the herb shop and got some and it stopped the pain right away and I couldn't believe how quick it healed. I tell everyone what a great product your emu oil is. Marion B. -Missouri

Horrible Sunburn
My sister's friend is a fair haired redhead and got a horrible sunburn and the pain was so bad she couldn't even sleep. Her sunburn was a day old by the time I saw her. I asked her about trying some of my emu oil on her burn. We were all amazed that it took away most of the pain in an hour or so and she was able to sleep that night. She had already blistered by the time I used the emu oil on her, but they sure did heal fast and I feel her peeling was much less than if we hadn't used your emu oil. My mother still tells people she can't believe how great that emu oil worked. Diana H. -Kansas

Dishpan Hands
I have always had to wear gloves to wash dishes to keep my hands from getting into terrible shape. My mother suggested I try using your Makara TLC emu oil and I can't believe the difference and I don't have to wear gloves to do my dishes and cleaning now. Valorie S - Oklahoma

Dry Cracked Heels and Rough Elbows
I was given a bottle of Makara Emu Oil. I got busy and forgot to try it until I was packing to go on a trip to Hawaii and noticed how embarrassing my heels looked. I quickly rubbed your oil on both heels and packed it in my luggage. I was so shocked and happy when I got to Hawaii and discovered the big difference in my heels and could wear sandals without being embarrassed. I use your oil to keep my heels and elbows looking nice. Patty W. - Missouri

Painful "Popping" Big Toe
My big toe on my right foot was painful and would pop and crack when I walked. My sister told me I should use some Makara emu oil on it. I did and was surprised-it works. Now, I rub emu oil on that toe every night before going to bed and every morning after my shower and no longer have problems with my toe. Arita L. -Kansas

Tree Accident
Just after Thanksgiving last year, I was cutting wood and fell about a 60' tree on my left leg. The tree actually hit my lower leg and slide toward my ankle lodging my ankle between it and another tree for several minutes until my son and daughter-in-law could free me. Since I haven't been to a doctor for about 25 years and wouldn't go, my wife thoroughly cleaned the wounds on the leg and made poultices and insisted on me taking herbs for fear of infection or blood clots. We used Makara emu oil several times a day for some time. My friends couldn't believe how fast that leg healed because it was a real mess to look at. I was so thankful that the emu oil took the pain away; I knew it wouldn't hurt me to use it often, so I used it every few hours. It also helped with the swelling and bruising. I tell everyone they should be using Makara Emu Oil for lots of things not just accidents. M. H. - Missouri

Dry Split Ends
My hair is fine and I have always had trouble with dry split ends. A friend told me about your emu oil and suggested trying some on my hair. It works great and of course I really like to use it on my hands and feet since my heels are so bad about cracking. Jeanie H. - Oklahoma

Finger Joint Pain
I've had a nagging pain in a joint on my index finger for several weeks. I applied a drop of your Makara emu oil and couldn't believe it. The pain was almost gone instantly. I was amazed how such a small amount could make such a huge difference! It's fantastic !!!!!! Thanks so much. Jolana C. -Texas

My Personal Experiences with Makara Emu Oil
My constant back pain was so severe that I discovered I was "unconsciously" moving and twisting to try to stretch or move to make me feel better. I found that by rubbing Makara emu oil down the full length of my spine and across my shoulders that usually the stiffness and pain was nearly gone in about 20 minutes; although some times I had to repeat the oil a second time, and on a few occasions, I had to use the oil another time or two- usually about 4 hours or so intervals worked for me. Our emu oil works wonderfully to take away my wrist pain (probably carpal tunnel syndrome) and even takes care of the sciatic pain in my lower back and leg. Frequently, I am reminded of arthritic symptoms in my knuckles and simply put a drop or two of Makara emu oil in one hand and twist each finger of the other hand in the hand with the oil to massage oil into each knuckle; or simply massage each finger after moisturizing my hands- - it's quick, simple and the pain, swelling and stiffness go away- how simple- no pills. A few years ago I had dry hair and split ends, and discovered that by just gently sliding my hands through my hair immediately after I have used our oil for moisturizing my hands gave my hair a nice natural shine and stopped "split ends". Tanning whether out in the sun or in a tanning bed is hard on your skin. I really like the way Makara Emu Oil revives my skin after tanning in a bed or from gardening and yard work. My husband owns a mechanics garage and his hands get some of the worst abuse possible. In fact, the MAKARA TLC EMU OIL was formulated with mechanics hands in mind, as well as gardening hands, like my own, and also for other professional people that must repeatedly wash their hands daily or must expose their hands to harsh conditions.

Miss Kitty (our a little Pomeranian dog) wanted me to tell her success story. She was nearly hairless-only had hair from her ears to her nose when she came to live with us; the rest of her little body was not only bald, but painfully red and itchy. We immediately generously covered her entire body with Makara emu oil several times a day. Of course we had to put her in a pet taxi with her towel since we used lots of emu oil on her and it would have been on the carpet otherwise. We also gave her emu oil (Makara Double E-NOT Naturally Great or TLC since they have essential oils in them) from a spoon. She loves emu oil and in just a few days, she had lots of new hairs sprouting all over her body; and in about 2 months she was a beautiful fluffy little blonde again. She still loves getting emu oil on her food. I must confess that we get busy and forget to give her emu oil; then I'll notice she has dull hair or she is scratching her back or tail under a chair rung. I realize, she needs her emu oil and start giving it to her again. It puts the shine back in her hair and stops her itching because of the essential fatty acids she needs that's cooked out of her dog food.

Rambo (our big Australian guard dog) also wanted me to tell you how well the emu oil works on his frequent hot spots; and not to forget that he loves to eat it too. It's safe {Makara Double E has no essential oils in it} to use on cuts and wounds and won't hurt animals if they lick their wound; it actually promotes healing and can be beneficial to them internally - like getting a bonus deal.

The uses of emu oil are so vast and I love to hear new uses and experiences. If you have any people or animal success stories with emu oil, please email or send it to me so others can benefit from your experience.

Naturally Great  2 oz - $12.95 and 4 oz - $22.50
Contains Makara Emu oil, Vitamin E, Lavender essential oil and a special essential oil blend. This is an excellent multi-purpose Makara Emu Oil blend for everyday use as well as problem areas.

Double E  2 oz - $11.95 and 4 oz - $20.50
Contains only Makara Emu oil and Vitamin E making it safe for animals or for you to add your own choice of good quality essential oils.

Wholesale accounts welcome. Please mail or fax copy of valid retail tax number along with your business card if interested in more information about our products.

Makara Vista Ranch MAKES NO CLAIMS on uses of our oil for specific conditions and offers the experiences of others and various research information for you to use as an educational tool and advises you use your own judgment for your own situation.

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